Are you tired of seeing fluctuations in your app's key metrics daily? Wondering why users are not sticking around as much or why that recent feature isn't drawing more active users? 

You're in the right place. It's all about getting to the bottom of your metrics movements, so you can keep your product on the fast track to success. Let's dive into the art and science of root cause analysis (RCA).

Root Cause Analysis Process 🎯

​​Step 1: Spotting the Change 🕵️‍♂️

Current process:

First off, you need to pinpoint exactly what's shifted. Plus you’ll repeat this process on a daily across different product analytics tools. Notice a drop in engagement or a sudden spike in un-installs? Your tools will only report metrics based on data you are passing to them. Once you've identified the shifts in metrics, you’ll start with measuring how big this change is. 

With Segwise:

You’ll have access to all metrics from multiple data sources like product communication tools, A/B testing tools, performance marketing tools, data lakehouses, etc. It will also automatically measure the change for you.

Step 2: The Great Data Hunt 📊

Current process:

This is the time to roll up your sleeves and get dirty with your data. What you want to do is, look at how the changes in metrics stack up against your historical data. Is this a one-off blip or part of a scary trend? You’ll be chopping down or segmenting the data by different properties - user demographics, regions, device types, et al, across different tools for analytics, communication, testing, etc. All of this to figure out the right cuts of data that result in why your metric actually moved.

With Segwise:

You don't need to do the hours of work to get to the “Why”. Segwise will essentially have full context from all your data sources and will proactively be able to tell you why a metric moved. The tool automates RCAs of your metrics, daily.

Step 3: Crafting Your Hypotheses 🧐

Current Process:

Typically without Segwise, all your work and data cuts would help you come up with hypotheses that might explain what's making your metrics move. Post which you’d try verifying this on your end. Yet again on the same different tools available to you.

With Segwise:

You’ll have access to the Playground feature, which as the name suggests allows you to play around with multiple hypotheses on multiple data points across multiple tools. Since Segwise integrates with every analytics tool or data lakehouse used by your org, it gives you a consolidated platform to validate your hypotheses. So just in case, at the slightest chance that you didn't believe the trends and segments we showed you, you can verify your own hypothesis within minutes now, whenever you want!

Step 4: Testing, Rinse, Repeat 🔄

Current process:

Here's where the rubber meets the road. You’ll now want to test your hypotheses by running A/B tests to see if your theories hold water. For changes that can't be A/B tested, you’ll need to do a before-and-after analysis. From here on you’ll be keeping a close eye on how things are progressing. Are the metrics improving? Is there something new you need to worry about? The goal is to enter a cycle of continuous improvement, always refining and tweaking based on what the data tells you.

With Segwise:

If you use Segwise, you’ll always have a tool with consolidated data for monitoring metrics, it’ll automate RCAs on all your metrics, plus identify opportunities for growth, and uncover broken funnels daily. This way, you’ll essentially never run out of growth ideas. The turnaround time for doing RCAs, finding growth opportunities, and broken funnels is cut short significantly. Plus all of this will be proactively done for you every day.

Long Story Short 🛠️

RCA is your secret weapon in understanding the "why" behind metric changes, allowing you to make informed decisions to drive product growth. It's typically a time-consuming process of data analysis across multiple tools which hold your data in silos. 

However, systematically consolidates and analyzes your data for you, and enables you to validate your hypotheses. This makes the process of implementing solutions a lot faster without doing any of the work. You'll possibly never run out of growth ideas!

Whether you're solving for D1 retention, or average revenue per user or daily active user, Segwise will cover every single metric you care about.

So go ahead, give it a try, and watch your product grow! 🚀

P.S - If you're still wondering how Segwise is different from product analytics tools like Mixpanel and Amplitude, we have just the thing for you!

Stop spending hours root causing metrics and hunting for growth opportunities in your data.