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AI Agents to Increase
Your Game's LTV!

AI Agents to Increase
Your Game's LTV!

Root cause game metrics and jump on LiveOps opportunities faster!

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Is this you?


Finding it hard to spot LTV opportunities in my data!


Tired of spending hours trying to understand why a metric moved!


Losing potential revenue due to bugs affecting small user cohorts!

Your always-on Game analyst!

Daily automated RCAs

Proactively explains why your metrics are changing, saving your team hours on dashboards and SQL queries.

Spot Hidden Opportunities

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LTV Opportunities

Find user segments that see more value in your product and ones that are experiencing broken funnels. Never run out of ideas to grow LTV.

Get started
in 10 mins without engineering

No need for engineering bandwidth! We integrate with all your game analytics tools and data lakehouses in just a few minutes.

Get Started in 10 mins

Validate your ideas with data

Wondering if users from your new ad campaign who claimed your onboarding completion reward retain more?

Spot Hidden Opportunities

Here's why
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Chand Sethi

Chand Sethi

Product @ getloconow

It's not just a tool to tell you why something happened.

It puts you into a habit of gathering information about your users, product, and acquisition, every single day.

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