Analytics Observability for fast moving Product Growth teams

AI observability platform that helps you RCA metrics, find hidden opportunities, and fix broken funnels effortlessly.

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How Segwise helps

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Spot hidden Opportunities and Broken funnels

Find user segments that see more value in your product and ones that are experiencing broken funnels. Never run out of growth ideas.

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Daily automated RCAs

We proactively explain why your metrics are changing, saving your team hours on dashboards and SQL queries.

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Save countless hours

Save Product Growth team bandwidth from tasks that are better done by machines!

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Get started in 10 mins without engineering

No need for engineering bandwidth! We integrate with all your growth data storage tools and data lakehouses in just a few minutes.

Here's why PMs love us

Chand Sethi
Product @ getloconow

If you spend >20% of your weekly work hours on your analytics tool, you should talk

It's not just a tool to tell you why something happened. But it puts you into a habit of gathering information about your users, product, and acquisition, every single day and scale your PMF faster.

Ex-Product @ Leap

Amazing Product !

Biggest pain points for a PM who has the top product analytics tools already are a) Creating tons of cohorts/segments to get to real insight and b) Combining product analytics data with data from marketing, CRM etc. Segwise is a clever SaaS tool that solves both. Amazing stuff! @bbharadwaj Segwise is a clever SaaS tool that solves both.

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