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AI Agents to Boost Your Game's LTV!

AI Agents to Boost Your Game's LTV!

Our Agent can detect causal LTV drivers, root cause LTV drops and help you jump on opportunities faster!

No engineering effort needed to try!

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Building a great game is hard, but growing LTV shouldn’t be!

Introducing Melron,
your always-on LTV analyst!

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Spots hidden LTV opportunities

Runs Causal inference models on terabytes of player data to detect player demographics and in-game behaviours which are LTV levers!

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Root causes metric movements

Automatically hyper-segments your player data across millions of user dimensions and values, and runs anomaly detection models to tell you WHY your metric moved.

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Ask questions and get instant answersBeta

Ask any question about your LTV metrics and get instant answers through LLMs fine tuned for gaming metrics

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Studios that work with us have seen


Increase in ARPDAU


Increase in Retention


Reduction in CPI

50+ Hrs

Saved Weekly

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Seamless Integrations

No matter where your data is stored, Segwise offers seamless, no-code integration with all gaming data sources and warehouses. You retain full ownership of your data.

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When you grow,
our prices won’t!

We don’t do MAU based pricing

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Chand Sethi

Chand Sethi

Product @ getloconow

It's not just a tool to tell you why something happened.

It puts you into a habit of gathering information about your users, product, and acquisition, every single day.

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