In the ever-evolving landscape of Product and Growth management, roles and responsibilities have undergone significant transformations. In this short article we explore the evolution from traditional Product Managers to the emergence of Growth Product Managers and the fusion of roles into Product and Growth Managers, especially in the context of Product Led Growth (PLG).

The Traditional Divide

Once upon a time, a clear division of ownership existed. Product Managers were focused on solving customer problems by developing products and features. In parallel, the Marketing team (the OG growth team), took charge of creating awareness among existing users and attracting new users by effectively communicating the value of the solutions. This division was particularly prominent in the B2B space and exists to some extent. However, the landscape is evolving, and B2B companies are increasingly entrusting their Product teams with owning Growth KPIs.

We have entered a universe where communication to both existing and new users has become an integral part of the product usage flow. Product Managers find themselves collaborating more closely with the Marketing team. This shift, reminiscent of the Facebook era with terms like “Virality” and “K factor,” has given rise to the Growth Product Manager. This specialised role aimed to help users discover the value created by improving product communication, reducing friction in user journeys, and leveraging this value creation to attract and engage more users.

Enter the Product and Growth Manager

In the startup world, especially in businesses primarily growing through Product Led Growth (PLG), two key realities emerge:

Resource Constraints: Startups often lack the manpower to segregate roles effectively.

Integrated Approach: It’s more effective to have one individual oversee the entire process, ensuring that product development is driven by growth objectives from the beginning and not as an afterthought.

This has given rise to a new breed of professionals — Product and Growth Managers. These individuals play a pivotal role in aligning product development with growth strategies, overseeing both aspects end-to-end. They are instrumental in shaping products with growth as the primary goal, ensuring that it’s not just an afterthought in the development process.

In Conclusion

The role of Product and Growth Managers has become indispensable, especially in the dynamic landscape of PLG startups. They bridge the gap between product development and growth strategies, ensuring all objectives of the organisation are fulfilled.

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